Kevin Celebi


Really more of a free-flowing pseudo-resume because I don't want to bore you with the same stuffy, formalized document usually attached to job applications.


Green = Do it in my sleep
Blue = Feel comfortable doing it well
Red = I've done some, but am still learning





- Trumpet
- Flugelhorn

- Cornet
- Mellophone/French horn

- Piano

groups I'm currently in

- Kevin Çelebi Quartet
- Harmonic Sanity (my septet)
- The Jazz Phools
- The Tomkats Jazz Orchestra
- Hot Tonic
- Latin Jazz Knights (LJK)
- Sarasota Jazz Project
- First Brass of Sarasota
- Bryan Post Big Band
- Big Night Out
- ...and of course anyone who hires me as a trumpet mercenary, see performances

famous people i've played/worked with

- Doc Severinsen
- Kenny Drew Jr.
- Marcus Belgrave
- Rodney Whitaker
- Byron Stripling
- Bill Watrous
- Michelle Amato
- Mel Rhyne
- Steve Allee
- Bob Mintzer
- Markus Gottschlich

- Frank Stallone

- (for a list of all of my collaborations, see performances)


- Small-group playing/improvisation
- Love playing tunes by everyone.  John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Kenny Garrett, Joe Henderson, Thelonious Monk, Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, Charlie Parker, Fats Navarro, Lee Morgan, Freddie Hubbard, all of them.
- Big-band

- Lead playing
- Sight-reading
- Teaching/workshops
- Composing
- Arranging


- Orchestral/concert
- Brass quintet
- Liturgical/church

other styles

- Funk/party/top 40 (bring your endurance chops!)
- Latin - salsa, bossa nova, samba, etc.
- Hip-hop/R&B fusion styles


- Released first album, Purge Corruption, in 2017 featuring Kenny Drew Jr. on piano
- Featured sideman on other albums (see discography)
- Outstanding Soloist Award at 2010 Elmhurst Jazz Festival


web development


- Python
- Scala
- Ruby
- CSS3

- Javascript
- jQuery
- Ajax


- Drupal
- Typo3

- Wordpress
- Django

- Ruby on Rails
- Zend
- Play
- ScalaJS

- SASS (used for this site's mobile views)

managing code

- Version control with GitHub & Bitbucket
- Automated deployment with Docker and Ansible
- Continouous integration using TravisCI


- Understanding of model-view-controller (MVC) architecture, or in Django's case, model-view-template (MVT)
- Don't know model-view-view-model (MVVM) yet :( I aspire to learn a framework like Sproutcore.



- Manipulation of images/graphics using the Adobe products Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign.  (That's what I use for all of the images on this site)
- Perfectionist with positioning layout, fonts, and colors.
- Creative background as a musician/composer

system administration/devops


- Apache http server, SSL, Tomcat, nginx
- Amazon AWS: EC2, S3, RDS, Glacier
- Unix-like systems:  Redhat/Centos, Solaris
- Authentication:  CAS (central authentication service), LDAP, SAML/Shibboleth, SSO


- Administration of MySQL and OracleDB - CLI or phpMyAdmin
- Good understanding of database design (yes, all that stuff we learned in school...normalization, 3NF, key-value...zzz)

learning management systems/educational technology

learning management systems

- Canvas by Instructure (I've been to InstructureCon three times...I love it!)
- Moodle
- Blackboard
- Desire2Learn (D2L)
- Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

instructional technology

- Working with faculty/students to create solutions to unique projects and goals
- Flipped classrooms/blended learning

- Lecture capture - BigBlueButton, Adobe Captivate, Panopto
- MOOC (massively open online courses)

erp/crm/other software


- Banner by Ellucian - administration and setup of the menus and interfaces; Employee Profile, AppNavigator, Ellucian Mobile
- Powercampus by Ellucian


- eVisions Argos report-writing software
- Microsoft Office 2016
- Google Apps administration/configuration

apple technology


- Hardware troubleshooting (cracking that sucker open and replacing drives, RAM, logic boards, etc)
- Software troubleshooting (OS, performance, console/logging, expediency)
- Use of Apple-specific software: iCloud apps, Time Machine, imaging
- Software development on Mac environments.  The text editors, IDE's, CLI, and versioning control software to use


- Hardware troubleshooting of iPhone/iPad devices (see certifications)
- Software troubleshooting (OS, performance, backing up, security)



- AWS Certified Developer - Associate (see my certificate!)
- AWS Certified Devops Engineer - Professional (see my certificate!)
- Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT), October 2011 - present
- Apple iPad Qualification Certification, February 2013 - present

next up:

- Zend certified engineer (2017-PHP)


- Supervision/management experience
- Budget management/strategic planning experience
- Deep experience in troubleshooting theory, processes, and flow
- Strong project management and organization skills; ability to work in fast-paced, high-pressured settings
- Excellent and enthusiastic penchant for writing
- Positive, levelheaded, agreeable attitude and proven ability to communicate articulately and concisely



- English
- Korean (7.5 out of 10) 한국어로 말씀해 주세요!  It's difficult to find speakers in my area.  Let's practice / 의 연습하자!)
- Spanish (6 out of 10, 7 if you speak slowly)

- Japanese (maybe a 3 out of 10)
- Cantonese (just started learning.  3 out of 10)

writing & words

- I really, really love to write.  I'm a perfectionist when it comes to grammar and the overall flow of sentence structure, so I like to consider myself a good writer. 
- Etymologies.  This is a personal hobby of mine, and if you stopped me on the street there's a 60% chance I could give you the etymology of a word from memory.  I am the infamous djkcel on wiktionary, where I've contributed to over 6000+ entries.


B.S., DePauw University
Major: computer science
Minors: jazz studies, English literature

M.S., Indiana-University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Major: music technology
(This is a cool major, because it's a joint collaboration between the Indiana University school of music and Purdue school of engineering.  So it can be considered a music major, a tech major, or a music technology major!)



eckerd college
st. petersburg, FL
web/software developer (2017 - present)

- Build and maintain web applications for the college, such as password change apps, course schedulers, database middleware, etc. 
- Mainly use: Django (Python), Zend (PHP), Play (Scala), and Rails (Ruby), along with standalone custom scripts in various languages (Javascript, PHP, Scala, etc)
- Some system/server administration, making this somewhat of a DevOps role (AWS, DB servers)
- Work to customize Ellucian Banner and its various applications
- Build/maintain a few internal sites, portals, and wikis
- Automate application deployment with Ansible and Docker

freelance web developer/tech mercenary
anywhere, world
2012 - present

- Build/maintain websites, help people with other cloud-based solutions.  See hire me for more details

new college of florida
sarasota, fl
director of instructional/educational technology (2016 - 2017)

- Completely front-end, instructional technology and leadership role.  Manage ETS (educational technology services)
- Supervise ETS employees and manage the budget
- Manage all aspects of the Canvas & Moodle learning management system
- Help faculty/students with all their tech needs: create solutions to research/project-based problems involving software
- Assist with lecture capture and plan campus AV needs

ringling college of art & Design
Sarasota, FL
webmaster/systems developer/lms administrator (2011 - 2016)

- This role really evolved.
- I started out as the manager of digital checkout system and provided all hardware/software support for faculty MacBooks.
- Then, I pivoted to LMS management, taking over Moodle and then Canvas as the college adopted it.
- Finally, I took over a webmaster/software developer role, managing both the front-end website and the portal/various web applications
- Use frameworks such as Typo3/Drupal (PHP), uPortal (Java), and Django (Python)
- Write many custom scripts for authentication and form submissions, mainly in PHP but some were in Perl


trumpet mercenary (2001? - present)
anywhere, world

- Perform trumpet, compose/arrange music.  There's enough info about this all over the site, so no need to expound anymore here.

music educator (2010 - present)
anywhere, world

- Give workshops, lectures, masterclasses, etc. with jazz bands, mainly at the K-12 level
- Give private lessons to musicians of all ages, whether it's specifically about trumpet or related to jazz theory/improvisation on other instruments (see teaching)

indiana university-purdue university indianapolis
indianapolis, IN
graduate assistant

- When I was at IUPUI, I was one of three graduate assistants in the music department.
- I taught two undergraduate music classes:  music for the listener (a general music appreciation course) and global music (covering styles all over the world)
- Also ran one of the undergraduate jazz combos for a few semesters.